Humanitarian Bioeconomy

What is a humanitarian Bioeconomy?

“Under the term “humanitarian bioeconomy” Fairdirect e.V. understands a change related to the alleviation of malnutrition towards a functioning, human and environmentally friendly supply approach through a maximum extended useful life of still good, otherwise discarded food.”

Humanitarian is derived from humanitarianism and can be translated as a philanthropic, permanent will direction and as a motivation of moral action.

Bioeconomy well denotes the insight to consume only so many resources that subsequent generations can still live here well. Green growth” should make it possible to achieve economic growth and environmental protection at the same time.

For us, a humanitarian Bioeconomy is the declaration of will to help people from otherwise discarded, still good food alone.

All the food currently destroyed worldwide is enough to adequately feed over 2 billion people. To use this quantity of completely senselessly grown, raised, fed, bred, slaughtered, packaged, transported “raw material suppliers” as long as possible as food according to its purpose, is living bioecology.

To use this for the minimization of the worldwide strongly increasing hunger and to enable people everywhere in the world to make otherwise lost food usable for themselves and others with simple means for as long as possible, coincides with the humanitarian origin.

Our specific goals in humanitarian Bioeconomy:

  • Focus is a simple, open-source guide to helping people help themselves as a real alternative for those who have lost the ability to provide for themselves through gardening and agriculture, for example, due to wars, climatic changes, or land grabs.
  • To create a climate, environment and animal friendly food alternative for all of us. Because every food saved and consumed replaces another produced, slaughtered, packaged and transported globally.
  • Build a reserve of maximum-length, unrefrigerated food from currently destroyed surplus. This helps everyone deal with rising food prices and climatic changes and can be used in emergencies around the world.

All of this can only be achieved together. Therefore, we are building an infrastructure that is open to all and as free of charge as possible, and we are happy to hear from anyone who would like to join us on this path.

The following projects of Fairdirect have been developed under the term “humanitarian Bioeconomy” so far:



OpenFoodBank- Network