The human right for food is valid for all humans!

Already before the Covid-19 pandemic more people died of hunger worldwide than due to AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis together. Now the current number of death due to hunger is rising dramatically.

At the same time 1.3 billion tons of food are destroyed worldwide annually according to a UN report. This is about four times the amount needed to solve the hunger problem in the whole world. Just the portion of thrown away food produced by industrial nations would be enough to stop the hunger problem in the world. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic additional excess accumulates, for example because certain outlet markets cannot be reached or their demand is less.

OpenFoodBank – the open network against hunger in the world!

The OpenFoodBank network forms a digital, free of charge and non-profit structure for the worldwide distribution of otherwise disposed food excess on two levels:

  • The network conveys large food donations, which are offered by companies in a locked area exclusively to registered, non-profit organisations for the free of charge distribution to starving people worldwide
  • End customers can see specifically donation requests from non-profit organisations in their region and donate their excess food items needs-based directly and locally. Also every registered NPO can post their need for volunteers in this area

The OpenFoodBank network offers:

  • An open, free of charge and digital non-profit network consisting of logistic/storage/IT & management for the acquisition, storing, distribution and, if needed, further processing of still suitable for consumption, but currently disposed food excesses of every kind and amount for the donation to starving people worldwide
  • An optimal support for food donating non-profit organisations regionally and internationally
  • To steer, store, process and distribute excess flows of commodity and material of any amount/size with the goal “consumption before disposal”
  • An infrastructure to coordinate and implement the processing of perishablefoods into un-chilled and maximal durable Secondfood- items or retrieval of Secondfood – raw and auxiliary materials for the food production.
  • Partial amounts of Secondfood-products or Secondfood raw and auxiliary materials can be offered to affiliated retailers and food producers. The saleof these Secondfood products covers the basic costs to maintain the non-profit infrastructure of the OpenFoodBank
  • To offer and manage long durable, un-chilled, storable food stock in centraland decentral storage places for crisis, food shortages, and famines
  • An exchange marketplace offering empty runnings for example on trucks for the economical distribution of the food donations on a regional and international level
  • A quick overview which organisations are active in which in regions worldwide

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