Food Rescue App Presentation

How This Happened Sometimes I wonder if there is a genetic component involved when choosing ones projects and purpose in life. In my case, I have always hated seeing usable items being tossed away. When I was three or four years old, I saw the bulky trash collection vehicle for the first time, smashing furniture Food Rescue App Presentation

Our mobile roastery is finished!

Updates from the “Fairdirect Coffee” project: today, we held a small event for members of Fairdirect e.V., to inaugurate our new roaster trailer. We have built it over the last two years so that we can present and sell coffee directly from farmers in Nepal to European customers. We’ll share more photos and videos when Our mobile roastery is finished!

The Paradox of Aid

The “Paradox of Aid” states: “When the ‘conditions of development’ are present, aid is not required. When local conditions are hostile to development, aid is not useful, and it will do harm if it perpetuates those conditions.” (Angus Deaton, in “The Great Escape”). This is, roughly, the idea we try to follow with the Fairdirect The Paradox of Aid

Coffee capsules: Are we buying trash?

10 plastic capsules 10 aluminium film lids 10 plastic sachets 1 cardboard box 0.052 kg of coffee 33.65 EUR/kg The funniest thing is this text on the package (originally in German): “UTZ certified. With our […] capsules, you support sustainable coffee farming. UTZ certified farmers are being educated to produce coffee with regard for people Coffee capsules: Are we buying trash?

African Chicken Breast

We live in a time where food production and food trade has completely gone nuts. This is unsettling to many, cause massive harm in the world’s poorest countries, and is a growing cause of the refugee crisis. Example For example, in Europe we like to eat chicken. For this, the animals are raised in intensive African Chicken Breast

Fair and direct coffee

“Don’t exploit people. Just don’t.” There is a lot to be said about so-called international development cooperation: how it benefits foreign workers with high wages, how handouts of food and clothing etc. can disturb the local economy and lead to “addiction”, how in general it can lead to so-called learned helplessness. On the other hand, Fair and direct coffee

The challenge of our generation

What is the biggest challenge of our generation? In the past 50 years the world has changed like never before. The world is like a village: in 24 hours you can travel all over the earth (if you have enough money). And many of our daily products and food items have traveled around the world. The challenge of our generation