Our mobile roastery is finished!

Updates from the “Fairdirect Coffee” project: today, we held a small event for members of Fairdirect e.V., to inaugurate our new roaster trailer. We have built it over the last two years so that we can present and sell coffee directly from farmers in Nepal to European customers.

We’ll share more photos and videos when the coffee roaster is going into action for the first time (on a market or event). But you already can get an idea of how it will work from the gallery pictures above:

  • In the back, there is our now refurbished coffee roaster oldtimer Barth NOVO-CITO I and a cyclone to separate the silverskin of the coffee beans (made from a truck air filter and a metal funnel …).
  • In the right flap, there is an old commercial multi-cup espresso maker from Melitta, probably from the early 1980’s, and working fine.
  • In the front, there is a four-column coffee shelf and a calibrated scales to sell freshly roasted coffee; and some storage space. We can sell without packaging, but obviously the customer has to bring their own container for that.
  • In the left flap (not pictured), there are two sinks with hot and cold water, as required by German laws for stations that sell food items.

I think we can already make the announcement, in case somebody find out about our mobile coffee roastery and wants to book us for an event or market: please contact us and we can try to arrange something. Anything in central Germany is fine, otherwise we’ll have to see what we can do. Obviously we want to show and promote our Fairdirect Coffee from Nepal project, but we’re a non-commercial organization and promise that the mobile coffee roastery will be quite a unique attraction at your event. There is something for all the senses: smoke, smell, steam, noise, coffee taste and the great classical shapes of a well-restored set of machines. 🙂

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