Our mobile roastery is finished!

Updates from the “Fairdirect Coffee” project: today, we held a small event for members of Fairdirect e.V., to inaugurate our new roaster trailer. We have built it over the last two years so that we can present and sell coffee directly from farmers in Nepal to European customers. We’ll share more photos and videos when Our mobile roastery is finished!

Coffee capsules: Are we buying trash?

10 plastic capsules 10 aluminium film lids 10 plastic sachets 1 cardboard box 0.052 kg of coffee 33.65 EUR/kg The funniest thing is this text on the package (originally in German): “UTZ certified. With our […] capsules, you support sustainable coffee farming. UTZ certified farmers are being educated to produce coffee with regard for people Coffee capsules: Are we buying trash?

Fair and direct coffee

“Don’t exploit people. Just don’t.” There is a lot to be said about so-called international development cooperation: how it benefits foreign workers with high wages, how handouts of food and clothing etc. can disturb the local economy and lead to “addiction”, how in general it can lead to so-called learned helplessness. On the other hand, Fair and direct coffee

P2P monitoring of food production

Expensive schemes that don’t help much A frequent criticism of food labelling schemes (incl. the European organic food label and Fairtrade certification) is their cost. For small-scale farmers, the fixed one-time and yearly costs of certification can make the label economically nonsensical to them, even though their mode of production might (perhaps accidentally) conform to P2P monitoring of food production