The Fairdirect coffee from Hansapur is on its way

Just a quick update: We got note from Rajesh, our faithful manager of the coffee logistics in Nepal right now, that “our” 300 kg or coffee arrived in Kathmandu successfully, and were already handed over to our cargo and export agency Eagle Export. (With best recommendations, they have been very reliable and professional so far!)

To recap, these 300 kg of coffee have been grown by six farmer families and one farmer group in Hansapur, Gorkha, Nepal. We (Fairdirect e.V.) will help them reach the European market with their coffee via direct sales. To minimize the risk for the farmers and to conform to how business is done with village farmers, we paid them in full for the coffee already, and manage their product “in commission” until it is sold to consumers. So still, consumers get an invoice by the original coffee farmers, and we keep all the different coffees from the seven producers separate.Here are a few pictures of the 300 kg coffee that Rajesh just sent me. Big thanks to our Nepal team (Eva, Matjaz, Rajesh, Dipti and Puspa) to make all this happen! We’re really close to having the coffee “safely” in Germany now ‚Ķ

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