Fairdirect Traders

Fairdirect traders are businesses with access to the dedicated wholesale area on Epelia, the Fairdirect online marketplace. This way, they can order larger amounts at discounted prices from all Fairdirect producers, and sell these products for example in their brick-and-mortar shop.

A Fairdirect trader guarantees to not resell for more than the end customer prices set by Fairdirect producers (incl. shipment costs). Customers can check this any time by scanning the QR code on each product’s Fairdirect label.

A Fairdirect trader will get a trader page on the Epelia online marketplace, where he or she can introduce themselves and their work. This page also automatically contains the trader’s orders of the past weeks (articles and producers), derived from their orders in the Epelia wholesale section. As usual with everything Fairdirect, customers can leave a review on this page after purchasing from this trader.

The trader will appear in Epelia search results if a user searches either for this trader directly, or for ways to buy a specific Fairdirect product in the local area (defined by a search radius).

By trading Fairdirect products this transparently, the Fairdirect trader shows their commitment to good food items, traded fairly and produced under good social and ethical conditions. It is, obviously, a way to distinguish themselves from competition.