Fairdirect Restaurants

Fairdirect restaurants stand for the use of high quality food products, fair and directly traded and using raw and auxiliary materials responsibly during their production.

A Fairdirect restaurant gets access to the wholesale area on Epelia, the Fairdirect online marketplace, offering the opportunity to order larger amounts of Fairdirect articles at discounted prices. In addition, every Fairdirect restaurants gets its own public page on Epelia. It contains a self-introduction of the restaurant and also shows its orders of the past weeks on the marketplace (articles, producer, amount, and an average of the product fairness level of all purchases). Now if a customer of this restaurant visits its Epelia page, for example by scanning a QR code from the menu, she can examine from where and when this restaurant got its last delivery of meat.

Since this list of past orders is not written by the restaurant owner but automatically generated by the Epelia platform, it is a means of business transparency that strengthens the reputation of good restaurants. By participating, a Fairdirect restaurant’s owner shows a commitment for high quality, fairly traded food, and will be perceived as clearly distinguished in the market.

Of course, the Epelia marketplace will also allow to search for Fairdirect restaurants (including a proximity search to find near ones), and restaurant visitors will be able to leave a public review for the restaurant on its Epelia page.